Upcoming Releases

The following lists include readily developed features for upcoming Trio Enterprise feature pack release.

Information updated:  May 15, 2020

Trio Enterprise 8.1 Feature Pack 1

Approximate release: May 2020

Trio User

  • Manage VoiceMail settings
  • Integrated user manual
  • Manage scheduled referrals
  • Organisation tree

Trio Administrator Web

  • Edit agent
    • Skill profile
    • Permission groups
    • Authorizations
  • Edit subscriber
    • Hide subscriber when searching for name
    • Hide subscriber in user web, guest web and Auto Attendant
    • Hide in guest web
    • Show whole path of department
    • Lock to customer group
    • Agent type (normal, auto attendant, auto agent)
    • Agent group
    • Settings for no answer
    • Require referral
    • Log out on referral
  • Show information on latest change by
  • Simultaneous edit of multiple subscribers

Trio Web Agent

  • Adapted to run on mobile device
    • Handling of incoming calls and spontaneous outgoing calls
    • Transfer call
    • Set agent working state and role
    • Open/close personal queue
    • Open line
    • Queue page
    • Case page
    • Search functionality, including same category searching
    • Start and stop recording
    • Add tags to case
    • Built-in help