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Trio Enterprise 8.0

GDPR / StorageStorage of Data in Trio EnterpriseEnglishSwedishNorwegianDanish
AgentsAgent ClientEnglishSwedishNorwegianDanish
AgentsAgent Client, QREnglishSwedishNorwegianDanish
AgentsTrio Web Agent, QREnglishSwedishNorwegianDanish
AgentsMobile Agent app iOS, QREnglishSwedishNorwegianDanish
AgentsMobile Agent app Android, QREnglishSwedishNorwegianDanish
AgentsPhone Agent app, QREnglishSwedishNorwegianDanish
AgentsPhone Agent, QREnglishSwedishNorwegianDanish
AgentsWeb Communication AgentEnglishSwedish
AdministratorsTrio AdministratorEnglishSwedishNorwegianDanish
AdministratorsInteraction StudioEnglish
AdministratorsData ManagerEnglishSwedishNorwegianDanish
AdministratorsRecording Browser, QREnglishSwedishNorwegianDanish
AdministratorsOutbound Call ServerEnglish
AdministratorsVoicemail AdminSwedish
AdministratorsVoicemail Phone Administration, QREnglishSwedishNorwegianDanish
AdministratorsPhrase Editing for Trio EnterpriseEnglish
AdministratorsWeb Communication AdministrationEnglish
Office usersTrio User, QREnglishSwedishNorwegianDanish
Office usersAssistant for WebEnglishSwedishNorwegianDanish
Office usersAssistant for Web, QREnglishSwedishNorwegian
Office usersAuto Attendant, QREnglishSwedishNorwegianDanish
Office usersSkype for Business Integration, QREnglishSwedishNorwegianDanish
Office usersAssistant for FirstClass, QREnglishSwedish
Office usersAssistant for Google, QREnglishSwedish
Office usersAssistant for Groupwise, QREnglishSwedish
Office usersAssistant for Groupwise 2012 2014, QREnglishSwedish
Office usersAssistant for Lotus Notes, QREnglishSwedishNorwegianDanish
Office usersAssistant for Outlook, QREnglishSwedishNorwegianDanish
Office usersAssistant for Outlook Lite Availability, QREnglishSwedish
Office usersAssistant for Outlook Lite Subject, QREnglishSwedish
Office usersVoicemail OverviewEnglishSwedishNorwegianDanish
Office usersVoicemailSwedish
Office usersVoicemail, QREnglishSwedishNorwegianDanish
StatisticsEnterprise StatisticsEnglishSwedishNorwegianDanish
StatisticsWeb StatisticsEnglishSwedish
StatisticsWeb Communication StatisticsEnglish
VisitVisit ReceptionistEnglishSwedishNorwegianDanish
VisitVisit RegistrationEnglishSwedishNorwegianDanish
VisitVisit WebEnglishSwedishNorwegianDanish
VisitVisit Security ManagerEnglishSwedishNorwegianDanish
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2019/06/26Quick Reference Guide Trio Web Agent: Updates for FP1.
User's Manual Trio Administrator: Updated no. of characters for customer group name. Removed no. of characters for subscriber fields where a value is picked from a list. Added note to "message when no queue". Clarification of which settings affects which clients. Clarification of some settings in the CC administration. Updates for Trio Web Agent FP1.
User's Manual Agent Client: Removed no. of characters for subscriber fields where a value is picked from a list. Updated information about TE login and some fields in "Edit Subscriber" to include Trio Web Agent. Added note about no. of characters in SMS.
User's Manual Enterprise Statistics: Updated waiting time and case time in the Cases report.
User's Manual Assistant for Web: Added info about voicemail status.
User’s Manual Visit Receptionist: Added info about date/time format in the import file.
2019/04/15User's Manual Interaction Studio: Entrances with survey questions must not contain spaces.
2019/03/21Published manuals for TE8.0.

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